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Marketing to Clients

  • Select a CRM plan and upload your client and opt in lists (subject to review) and send unlimited emails
  • Build marketing campaigns using your content and our email templates. Edit your message and add images and links to your using our html email editor
  • Send your email campaign and and use our tracking program to see who opens and clicks on your message
  • Add notes, upload files and other information into your CRM contact record

Marketing to Prospects

  • Buy a block of sending credits that never expire and start marketing to prospects
  • Select Consumers based on location and other criteria like age, gender, income and much more and business prospects based on location, number of employees, industry and more..
  • Send your email campaign and use our tracking program to see who opens and clicks on your message. We will automatically add a permission request message to the header of your message asking prospects to opt in or block future messages.
  • Move campaign opt ins and clickers to your CRM database to increase your marketing database

What it Costs

Marketing Mailbox has two pricing components:
1) Select a CRM plan based on the number of clients you plan to import
2) Buy addtional blocks of Anytime sending credits used to send prospect lists.
Anytime credits never expire

Subscription Plans

Select the CRM plan that best meets your needs based on the number of contacts you plan to import into the CRM database. Each plan also gets receives a monthly block of Anytime Sending Credits that are used to send to a prospect list. If you need more credits you can buy more anytime in blocks of 10,000 each. Anytime sending credits never expire.  

Buy Addtional Blocks of Anytime Prospect Sending Credits

Anytime credits are used to send an email campaign to a prospect list. You can buy Anytime Credits in blocks of 10,000 each and the more blocks you buy at one time the lower the cost. Anytime credits never expire.  

*Delivered emails are messages confirmed by the receiving server as delivered to the recepients email account

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Groups and Associations
You Can Private Label Marketing Mailbox for Your Members

Key Features for Private Label Master Account:

  • Upload your logo to Private Label our program
  • Add unlimited sub-users to your Master Account
  • Customize all program features for each sub-user. Turn on features for some and off for others.
  • Allocate your master account CRM space and anytime prospecting credits to each sub-user
  • Build a Private Gallery of email templates that only your sub-users can access
  • Provide your members a unique registration code that links their account to your Master Account
  • Receive email notifications when a sub-user registers
  • Buy CRM space and Anytime Credits at a deep discount from our online rates (based on volume requirement)   

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Welcome to Marketing Mailbox an Innovative New Marketing Program That Helps You Stay Connected With Current Clients and Prospect for New Ones

  • Personalized website with lead capture pages and video player 
  • Send Unlimited Email Campaigns to Clients (CRM Contacts)
  • Send Prospect Campaigns Using Sending Credits That Never Expire (1 credit = 1delivered email)
  • Build Custom Email Templates and Newsletters
  • Schedule Drip and Autoresponder Campaigns
  • Schedule CRM "Set It and Forget It" Event Campaigns for Birthdays, Holidays, Business Review Dates
  • CRM Database Management Tools - Custom Task & Event Reminders, File Storage, Client Notes, more
  • Searchable Consumer and Business Prospect Databases Available  
  • Track and Export Campaign Open and Click Reports
  • CAN-SPAM Compliant Sending and Unsubscribe Tracking
  • Ongoing Training and Support Provide
  • Private Label and Custom Versions of Program Available

Key Features

Campaign Marketing Funnel

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Marketing Mailbox created a special version of its software for my company Levinson & Associates called Agency Automator. 

Agency Automator is a big reason why Levinson & Associates, Inc. has become the technology leader in the life insurance and annuity arena today. Their service, professionalism and desire to help is unparalleled, and we are proud to have formed a partnership with them. Our relationship with our clients is predicated on loyalty and commitment, and I’m most proud to say that our relationship is based on the same foundation. It is truly a joy to partner with these experts. We look forward to a long and mutually advantageous relationship with them. 

Thank you so much. 

Bill Levinson Levinson & Associates Inc. 

BGA Private Label Testimonial

Add an optional Virtual Assistant to your plan to help you 

1) Build targeted lists from our database
2) Build personalized email messages
3) Manage your CRM database
4) Call opens and clicks to schedule a call or meeting